The Ionian Islands hug the West Coast of Greece and are distinguished from many of the other Greek Islands by fertile land blanketed with olive groves sustained by the winter rains. The rains also make springtime an unforgettable experience as the aroma of wild flowers fills the air. Throughout the summer, sunshine is the rule and some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches can be found where these lush productive islands meet the sparkling Ionian Sea. The islands of Corfu, Paxoi, Lefkas, Ithaki, Kephalonia and Zakynthos are the most famous and along with many other smaller ones consist a unique protected archipelago. The Ionian Islands are considered by most as the absolute sailing paradise combining fair weather, many anchorages and short passages.

Our catamaran bases for the Ionian are on the islands of Lefkas and Corfu. Both have organized modern marinas (Lefkas Marina and Gouvia Marina respectively) and have easy access by land and air. Lefkas is an ideal choice for those wishing to visit the South Ionian while Corfu is more suitable for those who will sail in the north Ionian.

Sailing conditions: The Ionian Sea is the most “user friendly” sailing area in Greece. The prevailing summer wind is Northwesterly and blows at force 4-5 from midday until six in the afternoon. The distances are short and there are many beaches, bays and ports only a few miles away from each other. The area is highly recommended for family vacation and new skippers although it is popular with the majority of skippers, both experienced and novice.

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